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Customer Oscillation™

In that vast din of everyday interactions with customers—phone, email, self-service, chat and even social media—there are huge opportunities to dramatically reduce costs, make customers happier and outpace competitors. The hard part is making sense of what's happening across all those contact points and figuring out what to do about it. A new approach changes all that.

Customer Oscillation™ is a new Business Intelligence (BI) tool developed by URconnect India to help organizations who wants to utilize every single opportunity to drive top-line revenue growth, increase profitability, improve day-today operations, and attain higher customer satisfaction levels. The boom in the global economy has triggered an upward trend, with new avenues opening for both domestic and international markets. This has also provided the customers with various options to choose but simultaneously increased the competitiveness in the markets.

Customer Oscillation™ provides business users with access to the critical market information needed to run their businesses; it allows management to focus on the strategic projects on their roadmap; and it allows the business to improve its business performance with good number of loyal customers.

We believe that businesses will no longer view Customer Oscillation™ as simply an operational necessity, but instead as a strategic differentiator. Customer Oscillation™ will act as the enabling tool to compel new business insights to drive revenue increases, cost reduction, margin increases, operational improvements, and customer satisfaction.

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