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Customer Satisfaction to Ecstasy

With better understanding of customers' perceptions, most big corporate and few smart companies are already determining the actions required to meet the customers' needs. Such exercises will help you in identifying the strengths and weaknesses, where you stand in comparison to your competitors, chart out paths for future progress and improvements.

Customer satisfaction is quite a complex issue and what started as a secondary tool to promote business went on to become a primary concern for companies and eventually developed into an integral part of industry. Today, there are tens of thousands who are earning their more than bread and butter through such services alone. But most of these people are either stuck in yes, no, when & why debate or they are confused about what exactly is required and how to go about it. URconnect India helps such clients in measuring the customer satisfaction to promote an increased focus on their customer outcomes and stimulate improvements in the work practices and processes used within the company.

If you say that your company already has satisfied customer base but, you also know that there is always a window for improvisation. Customer satisfaction, after it became generalized, gave way to something called Customer Delight. The companies were ready to take the service parameters further up. This helps companies to cover-up all the minor issues faced by the customer (in case any) during the complete course of sales process.

Customer Satisfaction, customer delight to customer Ecstasy

URconnect India’s customer delight services revolves around:

  • Customer experience,
  • Customer expectation and
  • Your staff’s behavior (sales and customer care both)

This process after analyzing the data, results in providing something extra which customer didn't even expect while buying your product/services. If you think that Customer Delight is hard to achieve your competitive companies have already started working on some thing more called Customer Ecstasy. Though there is hardly much of the difference between the two but difference between approaches required by you so your customer would be ecstatic after the whole process.

Global competitiveness and expanding economies has made the term “customer satisfaction” thing of the past while customer delight, customer joy, customer surprise and customer ecstasy became the new buzzword, companies who are practicing these have already started calling themselves customer –focused, or customer driven organizations. On the other hand many companies are still struggling to meet the minimum requirement of service. URconnect India provides the extended help required by any such of companies who wants to create a mark in their respective Industry/domain with satisfied, loyal, delighted and ecstatic customers.

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Is Your Organization Serious About Customer Satisfaction?

As they say the proof of the pudding is in the eating. You can have one helluva great looking pudding but if it doesn’t taste anything good, it’s practically useless. URconnect India would like to share what we think are the manifestations of companies who are driven to customer satisfaction.

  • Inside-out Customer Orientation

    • If your comapany believes that charity begins at home and simultaneously paying attention to how each employee in your organization pay attention to customer service not only in terms of satisfying the external customer but internal customers (fellow employees) as well. If your organization is unable to make your internal customers happy, then you can't expect your business to satisfy your external customers.
  • Hardcore Customer Orientation

    • In your Organization you must have noticed that tere are mainly two types of employees service-oriented individuals and self-absorbed individuals. The first type will surely benefit from the training and the others do not. If your company is serious about customer satisfaction they must believe that serving the customers begin with hiring the right individuals to do the job. You may need to go to great lengths to find people who willingly embrace your service culture. You must ask your HRD and other departments to hire candidates with 4 C’s Concerned, Considerate, Conscientious and Cooperative. These employeees are the true marks of hardcore service oriented companies.
  • Listens to the Voice of the Customer

    • Companies who are service oriented care about what the customers say, they listen and then adjust their offerings accordingly. URconnect India calls it service improvisation based of customer feedback. You need to understand that customers’ foremost desire is “better“ services and so you need to find out how you can have “better” services.
  • Service Orientation is embedded in the Policies and Procedure

    • Service oriented companies are constantly on the look out for opportunities to serve better and always put their money where their mouth is. URconnect India helps companies in developing excellent reward programme (Policies and Procedure) for service performance not only for the front-liners (sales) but by anyone in the organization who supports in achieving satisfied customers for your company.
  • Training and Follow-Through

    • If you equip your employees with breakthrough customer service methodologies and make sure that these same employees apply what they know at work. You must pursue your unquenchable hunger for continuous improvement without let-up because you know that this is the only way for you to best serve your customers.

      You have to develop thorough appreciation of the importance of your customers and go through great lengths to show them their importance for your company. You also need to develop your/your team skills in delivering products and service that meets or exceeds your customer expectations.

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What Constitutes Customer Satisfaction?

Customer expectations are the customer-defined attributes of your product or service you must meet or exceed to achieve customer satisfaction.

We cannot create customer satisfaction just by meeting customer's requirements fully because these HAVE to be met in any case. However falling short is certain to create dissatisfaction. Major attributes of customer satisfaction can be summarized as:

  • Product Quality
  • Product Packaging
  • Keeping delivery commitments
  • Price
  • Responsiveness and ability to resolve complaints and reject reports
  • Overall communication, accessibility and attitude

URconnect India has observerd that most of the companies/marketers wants to directly start adressing the customer satisfaction issues, But they forget to define the parameters and measure them clearly.

Though it may be easier for you to track supplier's performance against stated requirements of quality and timeliness because there is documentary evidence like whether a supplier is meeting the requirements can also be obtained from data on scrap rates, PPM, complaints database, sales improvements, repeat orders, customer audit reports etc. It is far more difficult to measure the level of performance and satisfaction when it comes to the intangible expectations.

Depending upon the customer base and available resources you have, URconnect India will help you to choose a method that is most effective in measuring the customers' perceptions.

The purpose of measuring the customers' perceptions is to identify priorities for improvement. Following are some methods for Customer expectations identification. URconnect India helps its clients in identifying/developing a method or combination of methods that will help you to continually improve the quality of services/offerings to a great extent.

  • Periodic Contract Reviews
  • Market research
  • Telephonic Interviews
  • Personal visits
  • Warranty records
  • Informal discussions
  • Satisfaction Surveys

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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customers express their points of view about the services by providing judgments on some service aspects by means of ad hoc experimental sample surveys, known to you as “customer satisfaction surveys". Customer satisfaction represents a measure of company performance according to customer needs therefore, the measure of customer satisfaction provides a service quality improvement.

"If you cannot measure customer satisfaction, you cannot improve it". Besides measurement of Customer Satisfaction is a new significant addition to the new ISO 9000:2000 standard. Organizations certified to this standard are now required to identify parameters that cause customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction and consciously measure them.

In most cases that we (URconnect India) came across companies fail to understand that these surveys are not marketing tools but an information-gathering tool to periodically assess the customer satisfaction.

Service quality of your product/service is an aspect markedly influencing end user choices. Customers who have a good experience with your product/service will probably use your services again, while customers who experience problems may not use your product/services the next time. For this reason, improving your service quality is important for customizing regular buyers and for attracting new customers. To achieve these goals, your company must measure the performance. But do not forget that enough homework needs to be done before embarking on the actual survey. A typical survey must start with:

  • Defining Objectives of the survey
  • Design Survey Approach
  • Develop Questionnaires and forms
  • Administer survey (email, telephone, or post)
  • Method of Compiling data and analyzing the findings
  • Format of the Report to present the findings

There is no point in asking irrelevant questions on a customer satisfaction questionnaire.Your customer satisfaction measurement survey should at least identify the following objectives:

  • Importance to Customers (Customers' Priorities)
  • Customers' perception of supplier's performance
  • Your performance relative to customers' priorities
  • Priorities for Improvement

While condusting the survey you may have to deal various personnel at various levels in the complete survey process - the buyer, user, intermediaries, finance and purchase persons etc. Surveying a number of respondents for each customer can give you a complete perspective of customer satisfaction.

It may be necessary for you to device a different questionnaire for each of them. Respondents must be provided a way to express the importance they attach to various survey parameters. Respondents should be asked to give a weighting factor, again on a rating scale, for each requirement. This will provide you a better indication of relative importance of each parameter towards overall customer satisfaction and makes it easier for suppliers to prioritize their action plans by comparing the Performance Rating (Scores) with Importance Rating (Weighting).

You must not forget to group questions in a common parameter such as Product Quality, Delivery Performance, or Field Sales Performance.

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Analysis of Survey Data

The customer's requirements must be translated and quantified into measurable targets. This provides an easy way to monitor improvements, and deciding upon the attributes that need to be concentrated on in order to improve customer satisfaction. We can recognize where we need to make changes to create improvements and determine if these changes, after implemented, have led to increased customer satisfaction.Two major factors that can be determined from the survey data are:

  • Performance Matrix (Your performance relative to customers priorities) and
  • Satisfaction Index (Customers Satisfaction over a period of time)

Based on the finding Customer Satisfaction can be expressed as a single number that will help your supplier where he stands today and an Improvement plan can be chalked out to further improve his performance so as you get a loyal customers.

A simple tool is to take customer satisfaction surveys and analyze the customer feedback. This will provide you with an insight on where you lack in delivering the products or services and where is the scope of improvement.

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