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Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of mouth marketing isn’t about creating word of mouth -- it’s learning how to make it work within a marketing objective.Though word of mouth can be encouraged and facilitated.

Most of the companies NOW are working hard to make people happier, they listen to consumers, they make it easier for them to tell their friends, and they make certain that influential individuals know about the good qualities of your product or service.

Word of mouth marketing empowers people to share their experiences. It’s harnessing the voice of the customer for the good of the brand. And it’s acknowledging that the unsatisfied customer is equally powerful.

Before you proceed further in understanding what URconnect India offers under Word of Mouth Marketing, You must remember that word of mouth can’t be faked or invented. Besides it being unethical it can create a backlash, damage the brand, and tarnish the corporate reputation. URconnect India's word of mouth marketing acknowledges consumers’ intelligence and we never even attempt to fool them. Also, we never promote any tactics related to manipulation, deception, infiltration, or dishonesty.

URconnect India's word of mouth marketing techniques are purely based on the concepts of customer satisfaction, two-way dialogs, and transparent communications. The basic elements which are involved in our Word of mouth marketing are:

  • Educating people about your products and services
  • Identifying people most likely to share their opinions
  • Providing tools that make it easier to share information
  • Studying how, where, and when opinions are being shared
  • Listening and responding to supporters, detractors, and neutrals

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Types of Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of mouth marketing encompasses dozens of marketing techniques that are geared toward encouraging and helping people to talk to each other about products and services. Common types of word of mouth marketing that URconnect India generally utilize for its customers are listed below.

  • Buzz Marketing
  • Viral Marketing
  • Community Marketing
  • Grassroots Marketing
  • Product Seeding
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Cause Marketing
  • Conversation Creation
  • Brand Blogging
  • Referral Programs

While executing any word of mouth marketing project, URconnect India considers these technique as a means to begin a dialog among your target market. Not everyone of you will agree whether each of these should be part of word of mouth marketing, and many marketers use different terms to describe them. For URconnect India word of mouth is and remains...

  • Customers talking about your products, services, or brands
  • The voice of your customer
  • A natural, genuine, honest process
  • People seeking advice from each other about your products, services, or brands

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Organic vs. Amplified Word of Mouth

The terms (Organic and Amplified) itself explains the differences between these words that results from day-to-day interaction within customers/prospects and the kind that occurs as a result of a specific campaign to create or encourage customers/prospects to talk more about your product, service or brand. By no means these terms commonly accepted.

Some marketers believe that word of mouth is always there, and that a campaign can amplify it, but that word of mouth is the same regardless of its origin. Other marketers don’t use campaigns specifically to promote word of mouth, and feel that there is an important distinction. Irrespective to these believes URconnect India leaves such issues of calling it to the discreation of our customers. Our objective of word of Mouth marketing is that: "As a result of our efforts our client organization cultivates habit of being committed to developing and maintaining appropriate ethical standards for marketers and advertisers engaging in such marketing practices."

Our word-of-mouth marketing service aims to reinforce your core customers and to reach out to new consumers for your market offerings. URconnect India helps its clients in identifying meaningful measurement standards for word of mouth marketing practices, and help you define “best practices” for the industry.

  • Organic Word of Mouth

    URconnect India believes that naturally when your customers become advocates of your product, service, or brand because they are happy with it and have a natural desire to share their support and enthusiasm.

    Practices that URconnect India uses to enhance such organic word of mouth activity include:

    • Focusing on customer satisfaction
    • Improving product quality and usability
    • Responding to concerns and criticism
    • Opening a dialog and listening to people
    • Earning customer loyalty

  • Amplified Word of Mouth

    When an Organization launch campaigns designed to encourage or accelerate word of mouth in their existing target market or new communities as a result of which word of mouth of your product, service, or brand gets amplified. Practices that amplify word of mouth activity include:

    • Creating communities
    • Developing tools that enable people to share their opinions
    • Motivating advocates and evangelists to actively promote a product
    • Giving advocates information that they can share
    • Using advertising/publicity to create buzz or start a conversation
    • Identifying and reaching out to influential individuals & communities
    • Researching and tracking online conversations

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Word of Mouth Marketing Strategies

URconnect India's word of mouth marketing strategies revolves around finding ways to support satisfied customers and making it easier for them to talk to their family/friends/collegues. Following are some strategies we adopt to achieve our objectives:

  • Encouraging communications
    • Developing tools to make telling a friend easier
    • Creating forums and feedback tools
    • Working with social networks
  • Giving people something to talk about
    • Information that can be shared or forwarded
    • Advertising, stunts, and other publicity that encourages conversation
    • Working with product development to build word of mouth elements into products
  • Creating communities and connecting people
    • Creating user groups and fan clubs
    • Supporting independent groups that form around your product
    • Hosting discussions and message boards about your products
    • Enabling grassroots organization such as local meetings and other real-world participation
  • Working with influential communities
    • Finding people who are likely to respond to your message
    • Identifying people who are able to influence your target customers
    • Informing these individuals about what you do and encouraging them to spread the word
    • Good-faith efforts to support issues and causes that are important to these individuals
  • Creating evangelist or advocate programs
    • Providing recognition and tools to active advocates
    • Recruiting new advocates, teaching them about the benefits of your products, and encouraging them to talk about them
  • Researching and listening to customer feedback
    • Tracking online and offline conversations by supporters, detractors, and neutrals
    • Listening and responding to both positive and negative conversations
  • Engaging in transparent conversation
    • Encouraging two-way conversations with interested parties
    • Creating blogs and other tools to share information
    • Participating openly on online blogs and discussions
  • Co-creation and information sharing
    • Involving consumers in marketing, teaser and creative development campaigns
    • Letting customers ‘behind the curtain’ to have first access to information and content

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