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About URconnect India

About URconnect India

At URconnect India, our key focus is around humans whether they are working with you (your employees), your prosperity partners (vendors and/or channel partners) or serving you as your target market. We help you connect to them by building a human fiber.

URconnect India is a company in time. A structured, organized, people network from different streams/levels/functions and backgrounds to tackle complex issues, attend to your unique requirements be it your business practices (incubation services/strategies), delivery mechanism (channel management) and light up to be your-connect to the target audiences, be it a corporate house, SME, Industry gurus or individuals. Having said that our expertise in technology/systems/processes and methodical approach helps us fine tune the flow then be it information/data or/and people.

In modular architecture of today's business world URconnect delivers the answer to your biggest concern :

  • An innovative marketing solution: How do we reach our target audiences? Counter-intuitive thinking, groundbreaking and result oriented solutions
  • A highly responsive approach: we listen, design a personalized solution and then we act decisively and quickly
  • Delivery of results: we get the problems answered, often trouble-shooting where previous initiatives have failed and gain the competitive advantage

We are an independent, employee-owned, firm of talented individuals, operating from various locations across India. We have been successful in delivering complex and highly innovative assignments, have technology driven marketing methodological capabilities that only few firms can match, deep expertise across key industries and a unique breadth of skills from strategy to IT to HR to applied technology. Helping to make companies more valuable by developing market transformation roadmaps they can proceed forward with confidence that the desired outcomes are achievable –before significant investment is made. URconnect India believes that good strategies do not create competitive advantage. It's the ability to execute these strategies that sets companies apart.

Through our expertise, we aim to improve the international competitiveness and sustained profitability of your business by providing access to people, knowledge and opportunities.
We work to stimulate market growth by helping to boost your earnings, strengthening regional markets, and delivering market development assistance to industries and individual businesses. We use our knowledge of and contacts in overseas markets also, to connect businesses with trade and investment opportunities internationally.

This section of the site provides essential information about our organisation.

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