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Business Matchmaking

Our job is to create new business opportunities for domestic and foreign firms trying to break into the vast Indian market by introducing them to companies looking for a business partner.

India is the second largest market in the world after China. But for foreign companies, this market is a tough one to break into because of differences in business customs and language barriers. Setting up business in India can be time-consuming and costly.

We work with foreign firms/enterprises that are trying to enter the Indian market, assisting them in market research, corporate registration, finding employees, setting up an office, IT support, business partners and in a variety of other ways. Perhaps the most unique aspect of our service is what we like to call "Business Matchmaking." We will introduce you to resellers or agencies and even develop new clients for you.

URconnect India | Business Matchmaking

We can set up your business quickly and affordably in a country known for its booming real estate high prices.

why are we providing this service for you?

For foreign firms with little or no name recognition in India, trying to establish a business here can seem like an impossible task. Language, customs and even business practices are different. But URconnect India will do all the prepration work for you ― hooking you up with potential clients, agencies and other types of business partners ― before you even set foot in India, we think your entry into the Indian market will be a smooth and easy one.

  • We will contact your potential client firms that are right for your business. We can quickly find out whether there's demand for your company's goods, technology or services.
  • Our contacts within the Indian corporate circle are extensive. Because of that we know the right people to talk to.
  • We can approach Indian firms all over the country.
  • Your customer-base and agencies will have been established well before your entry into India, making your business launch smooth and fast.

Note: URconnect India business matchmaking service cannot promise or guarantee customers and business partners.

How it works?

Here's how the URconnect India works.

Step 1

You may be looking to do business in India, find an agency or customers that are interested in your goods or services, or you may just want to set up an office here. All you have to do is contact URconnect India.

  Step 2

Once you've reached us, we will discuss via email or telephone the products, technology or services you have to offer. (URconnect India can handle most, but not all, products and businesses.)

  Step 3

Once we've agreed to work together, we will go through our business network and introduce your products or services to Indian firms. We will investigate the Indian market's needs and demands with regards to your products and line up potential business partners for you.

  Step 4

Once we've established that there's demand for your goods, we will schedule your meetings with Indian companies that focus on the domestic market. We will also launch a more involved marketing campaign.

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