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Developing Business Loyalty

Many a times most of us in our personal life come across situations you must have noticed that you are unhappy/dissatisfied with the overall service encounter but still you perceive the overall quality to be good. Your assessment depends on prior expectations of overall quality compared to the actual performance received. If the recent experience exceeds prior expectations, your satisfaction is likely to be high.

Business Loyalty is the new mantra for organizations who are working towards regular product/service advancement. Business loyalty is way beyond customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and brand value.

URconnect India believes that after the globalisation of economies of the countries the physical boundries have lost their meaning and the businesses have now started looking beyond their physical boundries to launch, build, expand and to attain global horizon of their business. This is only possible by entering into effective and selecting right business partners and build business association with other individuals/corporate.

URconnect India | Business Partnerships services

URConnect India has seen that for SME segment it is quite a difficult and cumbersome task to search for such partners/associates, where you don't have direct access to the market due to financial constraints.

URConnect India helps such business/enterprises, corporates/businesses to enter India where such business partnerships can be found and entered.

why you need URconnect India for business partnerships?

We as Individuals who are in the in the management function of an organization has to wear many responsibility hats and deliver all those services that support strategic business goals. Though all these responsibilty are challanging but the role that is among the most ubiquitous and vague is that of Strategic Business Partner(SBP) .

  • business logistics provides an opportunity for the firm to create a sustainable competitive advantage for itself by designing a system which fulfills customers' needs better than the competition.
  • due to its complexity, a superior logistics system is a proprietary asset that cannot be easily duplicated. Many firms have begun to view business logistics as an effective competitive weapon.

With proper coordination, transportation, manufacturing, storage, and inventory, investment costs could be balanced so that the firm's total cost would be minimized.

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