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Market Intelligence

URconnect India has observed that every company has a great deal of available yet untapped information internally that would give them a meangingful market insights but in most cases such information is not/under utilized or is overlooked due to routine hectic schedule. Such infromation are very vital for companies revenue growth and also serves as a useful tool to outbeat the competitors. Realising this fact URconnect India offers Market Intelligence services by providing clients with a view of a market using existing sources of information to understand what is happening in a market place, what the issues are and what the likely market potential is.

Market Intelligence Services by URconnect India

Market Intelligence also plays a vital role for businesses who consider entering new markets/territory, they seek to understand dynamics and drivers through effective market research and gain insight into key success factors in order to exploit their potential.

URconnect India's Market Intelligence service includes detailed evaluation and in-depth information about client's business, their competitors and their industry. These insights help our clients to identify and evaluate marketing problems and opportunities, as well as the effectiveness of marketing strategies through analytical strategic thinking.

Is Market Intelligence the same thing as Market Research?

Many companies use the term "Market Intelligence" interchangeably with the term "Marketing Research" but the fact is they are absolutely different from each other.

Market Resarch is a well-defined discipline with a long history of application in the business world. It takes many different forms, and its ultimate goal is to enhance a firm’s understanding of the market and customer, but it is not market intelligence.

Market intelligence is a much broader term that can be defined as an ongoing, holistic knowledge of all aspects of the marketplace. Market Intelligence revolves around information, communication, and people/processes. Each of these is built upon a foundation of basic capabilities, which leads to increasing capabilities and proficiency. Market intelligence is the culmination of each of these areas at their highest levels.

Market Intelligence Defined

Market intelligence requires integration with all aspects of the business. Whereas marketing research is highly focused on customers, market analysis encompasses the entire view of the market and requires integration into the companies forecasting process, product development process, and other business systems.

Marketing research is typically focused on answering specific questions, or tracking specific issues. While it can benefit from good processes, it is a finite “task” (or series of tasks). Market intelligence is a process, an ongoing interactive process.

URconnect India's offering under Market Intelligence

URconnect India's market intelligence offering is built upon a foundation consisting of four basic areas: competitor information, product information, market information and customer information.

URconnect India's Market intelligence yields an ongoing and comprehensive understanding of the market. Each of the four knowledge areas (as mentioned above) interacts to form a complete understanding of the market. Each competitor’s strategies will impact your product actions, the overall trends of market growth and target segment interactions will impact your strategies, and underlying all of this, the customer’s behaviors and attitudes will ultimately drive the market dynamics in terms of growth rates and product acceptance. This integration of all four knowledge areas is the ultimate deliverable that URconnect India offers to its clients as market intelligence.

The following figure will provide you a very clear market Intelligence view URconnect India's utilizes and combines the information gathered by all the four knowledge areas to create complete view of the market for its clients.

Market Intelligence Service Offering

Building a solid market intelligence system is vital to having the information necessary to compete and win in your business battleground. If your firm’s focus is only on marketing research, your view of the battlefield is limited and potentially threatens your position in the market.

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