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URconnect India's Knowlwdge & Expertise

Knowledge and Expertise - YOU needed for Success

Market knowledge & expertise is very much essential for business growth and to improve its competitiveness especially when you are trying to explore new market territories or entering into the horizontal expansion phase of your business.

URconnect India has identified some key skill sets that are essential for every company who seeks growth over its competitors. These skill sets has been identified and developed over the years after indepth market research carried out by our group of advisors & external subject matter Expertise.

You will be able to understand and implement some of these independently. For others you will need to have an URconnect India's account manager, or meet specific programme criteria.

Access self-service skills and services

Self-service resources are easy to understand by businesses, without direct assistance from URconnect India but, you may consider expertes for implementing them successfully. Read the descriptions below for more information.

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Marketing & Distribution

Most companies still consider marketing as a 'glamour' function – often not seen as requisite as Finance, Admin, HR or Information Systems and they have not given marketing the required attention whether strategic or operational that URconnect India believes it deserves.

Marketplace Representation

Marketplace Represenation

Your company may be able to see the vast opportunities that exist in the market But, Is your company ready for it? with all the financial risks that comes along with the opportunities.

We at URconnect India helps such companies by minimising these risks and get involved in maximising their market share before you establish your offices in opportunistic yet unknown market territory.

Read about targeted business services

Some of the services URconnect India offers are aimed at helping businesses develop market knowledge and expertise. These services are only available to companies that have been assigned an account manager, or that meet specific criteria. Read about these services and how to access them below.

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