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Loyalty Management and Programs

SELLING MORE and SPENDING LESS has always been the mantra for business success. Even today it holds the reality, hence most of the company's and enterprises are quickly adapting to various technologies & innovative loyalty offerings to help their channel partners/customers to live up to that creed.

URconnect India has always described Loyalty Management as a company's ability to generate genuine teamwork among all concern departments in the organization and channel partners; and to instill in every individual the constant awareness that customer service is everyone's business.

Responding to tight budgets most of the company’s have, URconnect India guides it’s clients through the maze of options (technological advancement, logistics, loyalty programs etc.,) that empower businesses to do more with less and do it better than before. We believe that its high time that Companies/enterprises should start focusing not only to enhance the wealth of their channel partners but also support them in overall development and enrich them in totality. Implement technologies that are designed to reduce costs and enhance channel productivity. Simultaneously unified communications to the target customers is the key to get more value for every buck spent.

Loyalty Management | Customer Expectations to Customer Satisfaction

It is an organizational responsibility that required emphasizes and importance must be given to customer service. However, too often, a single department in most of the vertically structured organizations is held accountable for apparent customer service failures that, for the most part, originate outside that department's responsibility and are beyond its control.

Success of a business depends on how well it's product/service meets the core need of the consumer. URconnect India supports its clients to develop a deep & basic understanding the consumer’s needs (stated + latent) that can be developed into meaningful and profitable solutions to deliver superior value (Consumer Insight Generation). Besides building the required Consumer Insight Generation Module (CIGM) URconnect India also supports its clients with the following loyalty marketing services:

  • Communication planning, execution & strategy
  • Customer profitability & lifetime value analysis
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) strategy
  • Loyalty data audit & analysis
  • Loyalty / relationship marketing software evaluation
  • Loyalty marketing strategy & propositions
  • Loyalty programme business requirements
  • Loyalty programme design & development
  • Partnership / affinity marketing strategy & negotiations
  • Relationship marketing strategy
  • Customer loyalty research
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Customer retention
  • Data & database services
  • Loyalty programme management
  • Multilingual customer services
  • Partner relationship management (PRM)
  • Partnership marketing

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