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Market Analytics and Activation Services

When it comes to measuring the return on marketing investments, no two product or service categories are exactly alike. Simultaneously Company's are now also, focusing on improved and increased sales by revitalising and intensifying existing marketing structure!

Marketing analytics is not the squishy-soft sphere of focus group surveys and attitudinal predictions, but rather the rock-solid realm of historical data of consumer behavior and brand sales. Sales data and marketing activity can be correlated to behavioral activity — regardless of product or service category. The mandate that every marketing dollar spent pays off.

Improving the effectiveness of marketing expenditures is not some arcane theory. Thought leaders in every product and service sector understand that sales and marketing analytics is a discipline that is firmly grounded in knowledge and experience.

URconnect India's market analytics services cover market and evaluation research, data services and statistical analysis, which includes state-of-the-art methodologies, analytic techniques and technologies to meet the information needs of clients.

We work with clients to clarify their research objectives, develop and execute a research plan, analyze, interpret and manage the data to help them make effective business decisions. Our projects may include collecting, organizing and analyzing large quantities of varied data from multiple sources to support market research, policy decision-making, litigation, program evaluation and customer satisfaction.

The Market Analytics team delivers insights and analysis to clients in four inter-related areas:

  • Market Research- Research design, questionnaire development, sample design, data collection and use of supplemental data.
  • Evaluation Research-Process and impact evaluation, market assessment and tracking, policy-planning support and benchmarking.
  • Data Services-Database design, Web site development, data mining, database evaluation, and data processing.
  • Statistical Analysis- Market segmentation, design, development & implementation of cost-effectiveness models.

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Market Activation Services

In times of growing pressure from the competition combined with the generally adverse business environment, companies are all too frequently confronted with falling sales and declining contribution margins.

Market Activation activity is specifically conceded via marketing, so that the strategic business relationships can be successfully generated, profits stabilised and above-average customer satisfaction achieved. This is the path to laying the foundation for overall corporate success. The basis for achieving these goals is an effective organisation, together with efficient marketing processes.

Action Plan to succesfully conduct the activation service your company must accomplish the following activities:

  • Analyse of the current state of the company
  • Define the level to which you aspire (Future State)
  • Benchmark the performance of your market competitors
  • Identify and analyze performance gaps
  • Develop an improvement action plan in which the tasks priorities, roles and responsibilities are clearly defined.

URconnect India helps clients with marketing profile analysis of your product/services(s) by conducting a Quick Check of the current marketing activities and organisation. Based on our findings we further generate an accurate marketing profile analysis, which will illustrate both your areas of strength, and the improvement opportunity available to you.

Over and above the Quick Check and Fitness Programme offers URconnect India's assistance in all sectors that contribute to designing a modern and efficient marketing organisation and which will help stabilise your business relationships.

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