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Marketplace Representation

URconnect India provides marketplace representation/ Market Ambassador services in India with sales, marketing and public relations for selected clients around the world. Our menu of bespoke services speaks the language of most industry's and our hands on approach is managed, backed by years of expert advices and experience gained while working for more than 15 years of successful field marketing. Based in the financial capital of INDIA, Mumbai, we specialize in successful promotion of independently owned Businessess and well established brands.

For a new business approach in 2010-11 and beyond, let us help find you new opportunities and bring new life to your business when you need it most. We seek to drive a new awareness through all market conduits, directly to your door. We live your needs full time and all the time. We are your eyes and ears in the Indian marketplace. We are the people that make the difference.

Marketplace Representation | Brand Representation | Market Ambassador

URconnect India specializes in assisting its clients in the formulation of their central marketing and positioning strategy. Our team also delivers a range of customized services to facilitate the conceptual and planning process for any product/projects.

Our services will benefit you mainly three ways:

  • You will have immediate access to a well-developed local business network and sometimes to key decision makers.
  • You will have a Professional team on the ground that has the experience and the know-how required to keep you better informed and help you succeed.
  • It obviously has lower costs.

Our Market representation services include:

  • Market Entry Services: Business Partner Search: through our extensive network we can help you find suitable business partners and arrange meetings with interested parties; buyers and related officials
  • Communications Strategy: we will help you tailor a communication strategy to establish a positive corporate image in the target market.
  • Market Research and Marketing support: this includes local advertising, active marketing and sales, lead follow-up, mass mailings or telemarketing.
  • Events Services: we offer assistance in planning and organization different type of events: business meeting, promotion event, product launch and trade show.
  • Trade show preparation and follow up: We will prepare your Trade show for a maximum impact to increase your productivity. We target potential buyers and make arrangement for them to visit and meet with you at the tradeshow. We will follow up with them to help your turn them into business partners.
  • Business Presence Support We will provide you with the physical and legal infrastructure as well as the communication systems to allow your entity conduct business effectively. This will include: human presence, phone and fax numbers and physical mailing address. Our support system includes company formation, Human resources, Tax and accounting services as well as Customer billing, follow-up and collecting.
  • Business Facilitation: URconnect India can provide you with: a full liaison service, Translation and Interpreters services, Travel arrangements during your visits including hotel reservation Keeping you informed about new projects and related business opportunities. Arranging appointments, setting up meetings with prospective business contacts are all part of our services.

If your business has reached to the point where you want to expand your company's presence in new territories or different markets. Small business owners can find this very challenging if not impossible task, especially if the ability to invest in business expansion is limited. If time away from the studio or shop puts a halt to production or is hindered by family obligations, one possible solution is one of the oldest ever - seek out a professional representative to carry and sell your line for you.

Even with so much information available at our fingertips via the Web, one thing has not changed in business-to-business selling: Person to person communication builds mutual trust and long-standing business relationships.

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