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Market Research

We believe that any Meaningful market analytics start with quality market research. URconnect India’s market research experts provide the full range of state-of-the-art research into markets and data analysis that is needed to help clients solve mission-critical business problems. Our services include the following:

Scope of Market research
This is the initial stage of our market Research, which begins with an assessment of client’s requirements and review of existing materials and research. After through assessment URconnect India market research team start developing questionnaires, data collection methodology is frozen, population and sampling issues sorted out, and statistical estimation and analysis are considered jointly during the research design stage (before data collection begins) to ensure high-quality results.

Questionnaire Development
URconnect India works closely with clients to understand their research objectives and researchable questions. We then develop reliable and valid survey items and efficient survey instruments that can be implemented by mail, phone, Internet, in person, mystery shopping or through a combination of these methods.

Sample Design
Sample skeleton are developed to ensure unbiased estimates for each subgroup of interest at desired levels of precision. Frequently used sample designs include simple random sampling, stratified random sampling, purposive sampling, cluster sampling and a specialized 'bus-route' sampling method for access site surveys.

Data Collection Methodology
URconnect India market analytics specialists offer full in-house data collection and data processing capabilities to clients. We choose data collection procedures to minimize costs and maximize the effectiveness of the information collected. We maintain strict quality control standards for all phases of data collection projects.

We implement both qualitative and quantitative data collection methods. Qualitative data collection methods include focus groups, in-depth interviews and cognitive interviews. Quantitative data collection methods include mail and Web surveys, computer-assisted telephone surveys, personal interview surveys and mixed mode surveys.

Supplemental Data
In addition to the primary data collection methods described above, we also use supplemental data sources from various agencies and sources, syndicated research reports, existing databases and publications.

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Evaluation Research

URconnect India’s evaluation research provides the following:

  • Design and Implementation of research program evaluation
  • Market assessment and tracking
  • Policy and planning support
  • Benchmarking

Program Design and Implementation
With a firm understanding of the market dynamics and key influencers, our program design team uses a systematic approach to develop the program theory that includes program logic models to establish key activities by end customers/prospective and expected outcomes. Based on the program logic models, the program administration and implementation process is clearly defined and documented through program descriptions, procedures manuals, and strategic marketing plans. Working with our evaluation experts, the program procedures and tracking mechanisms are established to meet specific program objectives while facilitating ongoing program monitoring and impact measurement.

Process Evaluation
We collect data from market to assess whether program operations are congruent with plans, whether goals and objectives are being met cost-effectively and whether lost opportunities are being minimized. We consolidate the data we gather to make recommendations for program changes that will improve operations and increase program success.

Impact Evaluation
The key goal of an impact evaluation is to calculate the ultimate effects of a market involvement. Our impact evaluation/recommendations helps our clients in all future planning especially when our clients are planning for launching new product/services, business expansion, new pricing policies or adopting new business model.

Market Assessment
Our data collection and analysis capabilities help URconnect India’s clients study the operation and dynamics of markets. We identify and quantify barriers to markets, characterize existing and potential market performers and estimate the potential for new/specific products and/or services. Our market assessment information is generally used to support program and evaluation design recommendations and establish baselines against which change can be measured.

Market Tracking
We design and implement data collection and analysis methods to track market change over time, study past performance to estimate changes when no baseline is available and forecast future market conditions.

For program designers and individual companies, our evaluation staff offers experience in designing and implementing benchmarking services, which provide feedback on performance relative to the market. We design benchmarking methodologies; specify and create databases to contain benchmarking data; design and implement the data collection methods; and conduct the analyses for benchmarking reports.

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Data Services

Correctly designed and managed data services helps our clients to manage customers, maintain product and accounting information and improve the distribution of information. URconnect India defines the major components of clients database using the specifications provided. This may involve conversion of an existing database, repair/enhancement of an existing database or development of a new database.

Database Design
Our team is skilled in designing and implementing multi-purpose databases to store and output data that ultimately must be used to support business decisions. Our Extensive tie-up with various database vendors/developers reviews clients existing relational database design and recommend necessary refinements/improvements or a complete new database design for flat-file data and spreadsheets.

Web Site Development
Most businesses does not understand the necessity of database especially when their website requires frequent content updates. A database-driven Web site can be easily maintained and allows a company to use non-technical people to manage the content in real time. Our market analytics team can help you build a user-friendly Web site for tracking customer or product information, managing large amounts of data and distributing information in real time to non-technical data users.

Data Mining
In most cases we have came across the client fails to uncovers hidden predictive information from large databases they have been gathering. We use data analysis techniques to uncover relationships not readily apparent in a database. We provide statistical tools for describing and visualizing large amounts of data, as well as performing verification data analysis.

Database Evaluation
Working with creators and users of the data, URconnect India assesses datasets to verify their accuracy and evaluate their efficacy for addressing business decisions. As a standard practice, we visually inspect the database and then examine the distributions of frequencies in the database. After these initial steps, strategies are established for handling missing data and updating database. Redundant variables in the dataset are identified and decisions made as to which variables to exclude from analysis.

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Statistical Analysis

URconnect India provides full range of data analysis services, from analyzing qualitative focus group data to using sophisticated multivariate statistical analysis techniques on quantitative data. URconnect India at this point do not undertake any projects, which involve high statistical analysis and requires software packages, like SPSS and SAS, as well as different types of specialized software.

Market Segmentation - analytically divides the market into meaningful groups. Markets can be segmented at a high level for strategic analysis or at a product-specific level to guide product design and marketing

Cost-effectiveness Models - determines the impact of a program in economic terms (eg, the change in customer satisfaction from an increase in customer service performance, to help utilities better allocate customer service resources)

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