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Marketing and Distribution

In typical Indian market scenario most of the companies still consider marketing as a 'glamour' function and is often not seen as requisite as Finance, Administration, Human Resources or Information Systems. As a result, most (Indian) companies have not given marketing the required attention whether strategic or operational that Urconnect India believes it deserves.

Our approach to designing world class marketing and customer experiences for clients focuses on three different layers strategic, operational and business case that needs to be in place to deliver a compelling experience and maximize ROI for the business.

URconnect India | Marketing and Distribution

Developed, experienced and refined over a number of years, Urconnect India is offering it's users a blend of intellectual methodologies and pragmatism, combined with analytical precision, to develop and deliver solutions that are personalized to your needs - we practice what we advocate, and therefore we do not believe in a same sized shoes for all approach.

Most of our clients have strongly favored this differentiation, and we continue to help YOU! by working tightly to ensure our ideas get translated into consequential actions that can be effectively implemented for mutual customer and corporate benefit.

from the manufacturer to consumer?

Most of the SME’s/ Individual’s are able to create products/services which they think is the best fit or has demand in the market. But, they fail to understand the means utilizing which, will help move their product/service from Location A to its end users/consumer.

Though it sounds very simple but, like most entrepreneurs, you must have overlooked the depth of this process like:

  • Target market (considering a positive assumption that most of these customers will buy the product/service)
  • What is the optimized channel (fast ROI) for your market offering?
  • What are the emerging trends/issues/opportunities associated to your target Market regions and/or locations?
  • How such opportunities should be utilized in your companies favor ETHICALLY?
  • Market Intermediaries – How helpful are they for your product/market offerings?
  • Market Intelligence Reports?
  • What is Your Market Face value?
We at URconnect India answer to your such, in-depth concerns.

What we Offer in Marketing & Distribution?

The experts insightful analysis of the marketplace provides direction to the marketing and distribution work stream that ensures all deliverables are met and the project meets expected milestones.

The Marketing and Distribution not only provide inputs to the Product & Proposition Workstream But, also help's in defining options for product & proposition and target customer groups.

  • Marketing & Distribution supports Research and reviews about the marketplace and anticipate potential changes.
  • identify emerging trends/issues/opportunities.
  • Liaise with internal and external members to gather information as required.
  • Segment and size the anticipated marketplace pre and post retail market strategy, and analyse the distribution landscape, benchmark the product/service against the identified opportunities.
  • Review competing products and anticipate competitors’ responses. Benchmark the proposed Eureka product against the anticipated competition.
  • Test Market the proposed product with key distribution partners, collating feedback and recommend changes arising.

As Marketing and Distribution Consultant, URconnect India will remain responsible for drafting and refineing all proposal documents which:

  • describes and segments the potential marketplace in line with targeted groups,
  • size each segment and identify the required distribution approach,
  • benchmark the proposed product against anticipated competition
  • analyse the results of market testing and propose the impact of changes,
  • estimate prospective target volumes,
  • evaluate product branding and naming options and propose suitable approach,
  • set out a marketing plan including internal and external communications,
  • identify risk and issues inherent in the proposal.

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How to identify Target Market

Before you begin any promotional, branding or marketing campaign it is very essential to clearly define your target market. Though the blanket approach of mass marketing was touted by marketing professionals during mellineium but, today Business houses, Entreprenur's and Corporates are singing the praises of one-to-one marketing. And rightfully so. Today's consumers, are very technology savvy than ever before. With access to nearly every piece of information they want, consumers don't want sales people spouting off scripted presentations. Rather, they need advocates who are willing to help them find real solutions.

How can you do that? By identifying who your customers are; their real needs; and offer them a tailored product and/or service that work for them. The first step in attaining those lofty goals is to choose a customer base that is appropriate for business.

URconnect India | How to identify Target Market

Targeting your market is simply defining who your primary customer will be. The market should be measurable, sufficiently large and reachable.

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Role of Market Intermediaries(MI)/Channels

Most businesses use third parties or intermediaries to bring their products to market. These intermediaries takes such opportunities in their favour and insource their sales function with some control over how products are sold and who they are sold to. It is generally done only to attain efficiency of distribution costs.

Intermediaries are specialists in selling. They have the contacts within local market, experience and scale of operation which means that greater sales can be achieved than if the manufacturer tried run a sales operation itself.

URconnect India has experienced in many occassions that these intermediaries plays very crucial role especially during product launch, Promotional campaigns, advertising etc. Every intermediary irrespective of their size and/or role in the distribution channel they can make or break a product/service in Indian Market. If a producing company keeps their role in mind at the time of developing any marketing strategies, it can attain a very good market hold to start of well in the market.

When Market segmentation is carried out most of the companies start breaking down a larger target market into smaller segments with specific characteristics.

These Small segments generally demand different promotional strategies and marketing mixes because each group has different wants and needs, these Intermediaries knows such needs and knows how these needs should be adressed, customize a product/service or other parts of a marketing mix, such as advertising, to reach and meet the specific needs of a narrowly defined customer group.

Kindly refer to our Channel Management section on this page for more details on market Intermediaries

Loyal Customer as most effective Market Intermediaries

URconnect India believes that Loyal Customers could be the best and very cost effective marketing Intermeadiery of near future.

Business organizations that expedite the distribution of goods and services from the producer to consumers. Only 3% of all products purchased by the consumer are purchased directly from producers. The rest are bought from marketing intermediaries who expedite and simplify the marketing and distribution process so that the right product is available at the right time and in the right place.

Using Loyal Customers as an intermediary effectively in the distribution channel depends mainly on the following factors, but essentially it involves determining whether the needs of the consumer can successfully be met by the available resources and skills of the producer. The three basic functions performed by an intermediary in the distribution channel are:

  • Transactional: It involves adding value(no better way then Satisfied & loyal Customer base) to the distribution channel by establising market linkages and customer contacts. The intermediary either directly undertakes the marketing and sales function (Word-Of-Mouth) or helps to establish buyer-seller relationships by serving as a link between the manufacturer and the retailer.
  • Logistical: The physical distribution of goods by sorting and storing supplies [Optimized Supply Chain Management(SCM) & Logistics] at locations within the reach of the end customer. It also helps the Manufacturer to break-up the bulk production into smaller portions and may include the transportation of smaller shipments to intermediaries or retailers further down the channel of distribution.
  • Facilitating: Although often confused with logistics, the facilitating functions of intermediaries supplement the entire marketing flow of the product and are separate from logistics. The facilitating functions include financially supporting the marketing chain by investing in storage(Zero Inventory) capabilities. They may include facilitating sales by helping the consumer buy even when he or she does not have cash (through special Loyalty plans, buy-back agreements, etc.).

Together, these functions performed by the Loyal Customer as intermediary ensures better market coverage, reduce the cost to market, increase the availability of cash flow in the distribution channel, and increase end-user convenience.

Advantages of Using Loyal Customers as Intermediary

The advantages of using intermediaries stem from the core economics of supply-chain management:

  • market coverage, customer contacts, lower costs, systematic cash flow, etc.
  • The intermediary adds value to the marketing of the product by bringing in specialization, marketing knowledge, capacity to segment the market, and selling skills that allow the marketer to implement marketing strategies effectively.
  • Intermediaries providing logistic support increase convenience to both the producer and the consumer by offering effective delivery and pre- and post-purchase customer service as well as facilitating manufacturer services, making them indispensable to most mid- and small-scale producers.

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Download URconnect India's Market Intelligence Reports

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