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Sales Management

The most successful businesses are ones that have a coordinated and aligned organization centered on their mission, business objectives and processes. While working closely with your business, URconnect India’s can help you define and develop sales processes, identify best practices within organization, build models that easily and automatically replicate these processes and practices, and measure the results to ensure there’s an acceptable Return-On-Investment (ROI). We also identify Sales Training & Development needs for your sales team on the best practices for successful selling, including everything from Cold Calling to Closing.

URconnect India helps clients to increases sales effectiveness by providing dynamic, repeatable and sustainable results in sales effectiveness to:

  • Escalate sales growth
  • Boost Sales Revenues
  • Develop and Leverage best practices
  • Increase closing rates
  • Minimize ramp-up time for new-hires

URconnect India’s sales services address several major categories, depending on business needs and requirements. These services include:

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Sales Process Development

Most Companies fail to realize that their sales performance have little to do with talent, activity or lack of ability. The problem is how these factors work in harmony (Prospecting) with each other and whether they are consistent with the overall business philosophy of acquiring and retaining customers.

URconnect India provides solution to these problems by making sure the sales force is working to capture and leverage the best practices of successful sales teams. Having an effective Sales Process is the first step to achieving this goal. Once sales process is clearly defined, it can be modeled with technology in order to provide an automated methodology for all sales people to take its advantage, whether it is the Sales, Marketing or Support department. As the result is every employee who interacts the customer has the same knowledge and information about the product/services in order to achieve an effective and long-lasting relationship with that customer.

The entire sales team benefits most when they have a repeatable and sustainable sales process that drives sales and gets results. URconnect India offers services that result in a business changing into a process-centric sales organization.

The Sales Process involves:

  • Not only the front line sales team, but involves every employee who “interacts” the customers.
  • Marketing, which focuses on lead generation and management.
  • The Sales department follows up with prospecting, qualifying, filling the needs (selling) and closing.
  • The support desk completes the cycle by providing after sales customer support.

Thus, there is an endless, closed-loop of sales and after sales support. As businesses sell, they need support, which results in more satisfied customers base that later on build loyalty. This is a lifetime relationship and managed most successfully when a business has a clearly defined sales process focused on acquiring and retaining satisfied clients.

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Sales Analysis - Benchmarking and Gap Analysis

In order to monitor sales process success, it is imperative to perform an effective benchmarking and gap analysis to uncover the “current state” of a selling organization’s strengths and weaknesses. Analysis starts by identifying client’s unique selling culture, primary selling model / approach, terms and definitions, current operational processes, selling resource structures, compensation and rewards systems and the technologies used to support their sales system. The result is a clear picture of the current selling practice. Such analysis helps in determining:

  • The sales cycles (both actual and desired)
  • The efforts and costs involved in closing deals
  • Leads v/s sales comparison
  • Annual sales targets

From this vantage point, URconnect India will help clients to identify “internal” best practices as a foundation to expand on solid existing business practices already in place. This snapshot is then compared to “external” industry best practices. Opportunities for optimization and improvement will surface by layering both the internal and external comparisons over the “current state” of the analysis stage through URconnect India’s Sales Consulting Process.

Once completed, this “benchmark” is used as a measurement for improvement over time. Once the sales process is implemented and rolled out, management reports can determine what performance tune-ups might be necessary, and further refinements are made in the sales process.

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Sales & Marketing Intelligence

The most successful sales organizations integrate key sales and marketing functions into one cohesive effort. A sales force’s ability to “efficiently” find and move qualified prospects through the sales cycle is more important in today’s competitive market then ever before. With budgets under severe pressure; sales teams are striving to concentrate their sales resources’ time in pursuit of the highest probability and most profitable customers.

URconnect India will evaluate “line of business” in context to horizontal and vertical market spaces. A detailed customer profiles are created to help shape a customer segmentation model. With this approach, URconnect India is able to identify high probability customer buying criteria for its clients, which will be used to search lead generation databases. The result is a targeted lead pool of high probability accounts ranked by profit potential. This data is then layered over the current territory strategy to reveal current strengths and weaknesses.

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Sales Model

Every business and industry has specific style of selling that defines its “sales” culture. There are many ways to sell effectively. In an attempt to balance limited resources, many businesses struggle with deploying the most effective sales model.

There are many “go-to-market” strategies that use outside, inside or hybrid structures. These choices are further compounded by options such as reorganizing into a centralized, decentralized or outsourcing model. URconnect India assists in developing the most cost effective sales strategy by using the knowledge gained from Best Practices Benchmarking and Gap Analysis combined with Sales & Marketing Business Intelligence to create a balanced approach designed to ensure the greatest chance of success.

URconnect India first analyzes and documents how the clients current sales organization “goes-to-market.” With these results, a comparison is made between the existing model and external best practices within similar industries. The result is a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses that exist within the sales organization. URconnect India then fills the gaps with appropriate externally defined best practices. The next step is to develop a logical sales cycle that is aligned with the sales model. Once the sales cycle is developed then the supporting processes, policies and procedures can begin to be developed with confidence.

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Sales Process Roadmap

A Sales Process is a “roadmap” that identifies a logical sequence of activities that are consistently implemented from prospecting to closing, and support. This Sales Process Roadmap identifies key issues such as what product/services client is selling and to whom, how they sell, what activities are required to move the prospect through the pipeline, what is their sequence, and how do you measure your success.

To ensure the process is successful, it must be combined with adequate training for all members of the team. Additionally, the rollout activities must be clearly defined and communicated to make sure all parties are working with consistent terminology and actions. These are all clearly defined in URconnect India’s Sales Process Roadmap.

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Resource Planning

The sales process will help determine the performance measurements of your sales organizations. As such, with proper Resource Planning, businesses will be able to determine what additional resources they may require, how to utilize and optimize existing resources and what resource development or training is required.

Based on this data, URconnect India makes recommendations to its clients. These suggestions typically include but not limited to:

  • Current and future staffing requirements
  • Optimum activity level for sales team
  • Quota allocations
  • Territory realignments
  • Support requirements
  • Channel strategies

With these answers in hand, it becomes very easy for clients to develop realistic business projections for future, since they are based on actual results and can produce defendable revenue plans.

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Sales Force Automation

With changing market conditions technology plays a key role in all effective sales systems. Sales Force Automation has become a standard platform for most sales oriented organizations to use as a means of increasing sales performance and efficiency. However, when sales technologies become a business driver instead of a supporting tool, most sales organizations suffer from the conflict between the two. Technology should be analyzed once the “scope” of the sales system has been defined it allows management to develop a sales system that operates the way in which our clients business can be most effective. By introducing new or allowing existing technologies to drive sales system development management is generally confined to the limitations and capabilities of that tool set. Technology should be a means to support and extend the vision of the sales system down to the every day routine of our client’s sales force.

URconnect India helps its clients to develop a clear and concise sales model strategy, supporting processes and appropriate resource allocation. The next step is to identify technology that is capable of supporting all of the expectations and demands of the newly designed sales system. Too often most companies purchases new software in hopes that it will solve their problems or make life easier. In many cases, management doesn’t take the time to document “how” the business should operate and therefore they buy software that forces them to change the business model to a large extent. Once the sales system has been developed and documented, Software selection or customization becomes much simpler and straightforward process.


Most organizations while implementing sales force automation software/CRM packages thinks it to be Plug & Play utility and they will get results instantaneously but they fail to understand that unless the right modules are selected and proper data is keyed in the complete utility will not give them the desired results. On the other hand the Software implementors fail to undertsand the exact requirements and implement only those modules which are generic in nature.

URconnect India helps its clients by working as a bridge between the implementors and their clients by identifying gaps in the current sales processes and suggesting the industry specific modules requirements, be it reports, sales model or any other key elements essential for the client to achieve its automation Objectives.

To know details about our bridge services Please feel free to call us or click here to get in touch with us.

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Compensation & Rewards Systems

Most sales representatives are generally driven by rewards and recognition. Developing a sales system with attention to all the right details will not be effective if the compensation and rewards structure is perceived by them to be unfair or unrealistic.

URconnect India’s performance Sales System, aligning compensation and rewards to the sales model, process, organizational structure and very importantly performance metrics and goals is the primary way to develop appropriate compensation levels and reward programs. The first major steps are to review client’s existing compensation and reward structures as well as relative metrics and goal programs. Next is a review of the “accountability culture” and reporting processes and the tools currently in place. Using the new sales system research is conducted by URconnect India to identify industry pay averages that are competitive in industry and client’s sales system strategy. At this point the existing compensation and reward systems are compared and refined to create an incentive alignment package that is designed to drive revenue while appropriately compensating the sale force. A reward program is then developed or modified to provide recognition for goal achievement aligned to individuals, teams and divisions.

For specific information on how we can help your business, please click here to get in touch with us.

Sales Training & Development

While sales process defines to perform specific tasks and functions and what the hand-offs should be, it does not address the “how”. How sales person qualifies a prospect, or how they adds value to the sale, or how they close deals, are all determined by sales teams skill level. Therefore, effective Sales Training is required to teach those skills to both newer sales people and to seasoned veterans who may have forgotten many of the basic selling skills. Furthermore, both new and veteran sales professionals need to learn the newer ways of selling in today’s competitive environment. Businesses are looking for strategic partners who can help them identify their challenges and provide solutions to their needs. They do not want someone who simply dumps a lot of features on them and tries to get them to buy something. Customers are looking to build relationships with strategic solution providers. Hence, selling skills aligned with these goals are required. Proper Sales Training includes:

  • Cold Calling
  • Qualifying Prospects
  • Listening Skills
  • Presenting the Right Solution
  • Building Credibility
  • Adding Value
  • Negotiating
  • Handling Objections
  • Closing
  • Customer Service (after sales support)

URconnect India helps its clients by providing such training in a classroom environment as well as through live demonstrations, or on-line (web-based) facilities through its partners. To re-enforce this training, on-going Sales Coaching Programs are also available for continuous training and support of the sales team.

For specific information on how we can help your business, please click here to get in touch with us.

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