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Physical Market

As we continue the drive toward making marketing more accountable and scientific, it is important to look at what has changed and what remains of the old model.

Marketing is still about identifying needs so that people line up to buy. The change is in how consumers learn about products and services and receive the messages. We are entering a ‘post-mass media’ marketing world.

These consumer-empowering technologies promise to eliminate the concept of ‘mass markets’ once and for all.

What services URconnect India offers under Physical Markets?

While marketers enjoy new media and technology enabled tools, the fundamental marketing model itself has not changed. Physical market is still vital and organizations can not ignore this fact that to succeed in the market they still need to follow all essential tasks required to market their products/services in the physical market.

Following are some major tasks that URconnect India believes are essential for company's growth. For convenience we have divided them into different segments.

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