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Bounce Rate Analysis

You might have spent a lot of money, time and effort on various online marketing channels to bring visitors to your website, but everything would be in vain if most of the visitors don’t bother to look or navigate to other pages in your site. If this scenario sounds familiar, then you are dealing with high bounce rate and your attention needs to be fully focused on this catastrophe…well, almost a catastrophe.

A business's website should make it easy for the user to conduct business. Pages that are complicated, difficult to navigate or cluttered detract from the user-experience, often causing users to leave the site altogether and finding another company to do business with.

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High Bounce Rate and Its Reasons

Bounce rate has been and always been a significant metric to analyze the performance or effectiveness of website. Bounce rate can happen in any of the following circumstances:

  • Your website’s home page/landing page has insufficient information to meet the visitor’s expectation.
  • Your landing page did not meet the user’s expectation; they came and left in just a fraction of a second.

The bounce rate is associated with the overall website goal because bounce rates are the real culprits who often lend a blow to your conversion rates. The following are some of the reasons that deliver high bounce rate and low conversion:

  • You are ranking for wrong keywords
  • Fail to keep-up user’s attention
  • Clustered website design and navigation
  • Inappropriately priced services/product
  • Comprehensive and Unique product information is missing
  • No relevant web page title and headings
  • Less appealing content presentation
  • Too many external links/ads/banners
  • Making your visitors wait
  • Browser incompatibility
  • and many more

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How you can lower your website's bounce rate?

A bounce rate analysis can help you make more money from your paid search campaign, but it needs to be aligned with your overarching campaign goals. Different websites and campaigns have different goals (for e.g., onsite sales, lead capture, download, call, store locator request, contest entry, video view, brand engagement, etc.) so your bounce rate analysis needs to take the campaign objective into consideration. In essence, it should not be done in a silo.

While conducting a thorough bounce rate analysis URconnect India includes the following steps. This helps our clients to lower their websites bounce rate and it also provide assistance to drive the performance of all paid and unpaid search campaigns by optimizing the resulting actions to correct problem areas.

  • Analyze the source of the visit
  • Analyze the keywords
  • Analyze the campaign funnel
  • Analyze the timing
  • Analyze the landing page design and layout
  • Analyze the calls to action
  • Analyze special offers
  • Analyze the internal navigation
  • Analyze the trust elements
  • Analyze your customers

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What we offer in Bounce Rate Analysis?

Bounce rate is a beautiful way to measure the quality of traffic coming to the website. It is almost instantly accessible in any web analytics tool. It is easy to understand, hard to mis-understand and can be applied to any of your efforts. All our effotrs are channelized to acquire more customers for our clients website and to conquer the objective of site visitor in terms of accomplishment of his/her task and fewer number of visitors who just pay a short visit and leave.

Bounce rate analysis helps our clients to measure quality of traffic their website pages are acquiring, and in case there is a right quality of traffic then it helps our clients to hone in on where/how the website is failing website visitors expectations. URconnect India's Analysis process starts with measuring the:

  • The percentage of website visitors who see just one page on your site.
  • The percentage of website visitors who stay on the site for a small amount of time (usually few seconds).

URconnect India believes one metric that is perceived to have a significant impact upon the number of site visitors who convert to customers is Web site’s Bounce Rate. While undertaking any client request for lowering bounce rate we focus on two important aspect of the website. they are:

  • improving rankings for well-performing keywords, and
  • improving the quality of top landing pages

Once we have a clear understanding of the above we help our clients in lowering the bounce rate by measuring the following. This exercise helps us and the client to identify the bottle necks in the website. Further after analysis we focus on bringing the Bounce rate in the range of 25-35% based on the industry and market you serve. Typically it is hard to get a bounce rate under 20%. Anything over 35% is a cause for concern and anything above 50% is worrying.

    We initiate the bounce rate Analysis projects by measuring the following bounce rates :
  • Your website.
  • Your traffic sources
  • Your search keyword
  • Your AdWords, AdCenter, PPC campaigns - compare bounce rate of traffic on each keyword with site average
  • Your top trafficked pages

Though bounce rate won't have all the answers, but it certainly helps you to focus on what's important, show where you are wasting money and what content on your site needs revisiting.

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