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Feedback Analysis

Understanding the customer experience is vital to improving customer retention and profits. Customer feedback helps you measure opinions and satisfaction levels to ensure that you are maintaining positive relationships with your customers.

Once decision-makers know what online customers want from their website experiences, they can begin to use that information to respond to customers’ needs and preferences and prioritize improvements. This might involve forming the right team and the proper roadmap for implementing enhancements and by repeatedly gathering and acting on customer feedback.

What we offer under Feedback Analysis?

URconnect India will help your organization to optimize the relationship with your customers and clients by utilizing a professionally designed and administered customer feedback survey. Feedback surveys designed by URconnect India will help you in:

  • Measuring customer satisfaction levels
  • Improving customer retention
  • Gauging interest in new products and service offerings
  • Pinpoint areas for improvement
  • Provide recommendations and solutions

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URconnect India's Feedback Analysis Process

URconnect India's customer feedback surveys cover nearly every facet of customer feedback, including:

  • Overall satisfaction
  • Product-level satisfaction
  • Importance vs. satisfaction
  • Timeliness of delivery
  • Customer service process satisfaction
  • Returns and exchange process satisfaction
  • Interest in new potential products and services

URconnect India assists clients with all stages of the customer feedback survey project. Our typical analysis process follows the following steps:

  1. Define objective
    • Setting objectives involves a continuous process of research and decision-making. Clearly defined objectives make it much easier to identify expected results and design project activities. Ideally, feedback objectives are based on a sound situation assessment and lead to relevant project activities and results.

      Of course, this does not mean that all projects are designed this way, or follow a straight path from situation assessment to project evaluation. However, well-defined objectives can be a helpful transition from describing the problem to identifying parts of a solution, including the inputs, activities, and expected results. URconnect India helps organization to choose from a number of different types of strategic objectives (cost leadership objectives, differentiation objectives, and focused (niche) objectives) to pursue. These types provide the organization with a direction and focus from which to generate supporting innovative actions.

      Irrespective of the types URconnect India makes sure that the objective defined by the organization are 'SMART' objectives:
    • Specific
    • Measurable
    • Achievable
    • Relevant and
    • Time-bound
  2. Design
    • Once the objective is defined URconnect India begins by designing a customized customer feedback survey for your organization, or take your existing survey and prepare it to be administered via the Internet, telephone, or paper. URconnect India offers questionnaire design consultation services standard to all clients, and reviews all customer feedback survey instruments to assure validity, reliability, and bias reduction.

      Our customer feedback surveys are comprehensively designed to identify and isolate key independent and dependent variables. Our customer feedback surveys are specifically designed to accurately measure customer attitudes that affect real business metrics, like customer retention rates and turnover. These customer attitude are better predictor of future customer behavior than past behavior.
  3. Administration
    • URconnect India believes that administration of feedback survey plays a vital role in the complete processas it helps you to determine the incentives, deadlines, and respondent notification method for your particular project. This helps you to make the complete survey process easy and stress-free as possible.

      For online customer feedback surveys, we send a personalized email invitation to each customer with simple directions how to access and complete the survey. When the respondent clicks on their link to access the survey, we can automatically identify them, validate their responses, and even assign them to a specific demographic subgroup for analysis.
  4. Analysis
    • Customer feedback survey results data is useless without insightful analysis. URconnect India will assist you to turn the raw survey responses into meaningful and actionable conclusions.

      Our analysis reports are designed to provide a variety of statistical, graphical and verbatim results summaries. All of our reports can be "cut" by respondent subgroups or time periods.

URconnect India utilizes proven sampling techniques to ensure that feedback is being gathered in a fashion representative of your customer population. Our structured feedback approach offers ogranizations an opportunity to create models that will provide insight on where to focus.

We support organizations in preparing their sales forecasts by integrating customer feedback as another data source helps them in identifying which products and services to promote with a specific customers. Skipping Feedback Analysis (or focusing solely on raw performance scores) may result in suboptimal improvement efforts.

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