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Landing Page Analysis

Is your business looking to generate leads or sales? Is the site simply being used as a branding tool, perhaps to promote a new line of products/services? It's critical to decide what actions the site is supposed to encourage visitors to take. URconnect India before even starting any website analytics assignment, we help our client in determining the purpose of their site it helps us in converting it into a successful site. The success and failure of a website often relies on the quality of its landing pages. If they fail to convert traffic, so too does the site.

If you have already invested a great deal of time and effort in testing and analysing your landing pages. I am sure you too will agree that the testing process, as you know, involves a lot of subtle changes to the page's layout it demands lot of patience in identifying those changes and plenty of time. As a consultant we know that it also requires an understanding of what the searcher is looking for and how best to help visitors convert.

Sometimes the alterations are far-reaching, including whole segments of text, other times less so, one needs to delve deep into a page to find elements that are undermining its performance. Whatever the issue, it has to be identified and then properly tested.

Besides identifying an under-performing elements in your site, our landing page analysis also help organizations to undermine reasons for:

  • Why some pages are doing better than others in your site. This may effect the results of your expensive PPC campaign. OR maybe,
  • Despite good rankings and far-reaching SEO work, your site has a high bounce rate for some key terms.

So landing page analysis can take a fair amount of effort, understanding, time and money, but ultimately you get far more in return. With any website, the prime objective of URconnect India is to convert the traffic your site receives into a meaningful custom. The best place to start is to check what people will see on your site, which of course is your landing page.

What is Landing Page Analysis?

If you're having issues getting your landing pages to convert, URconnect India's Landing Page Analysis can help. Using our extensive knowledge of optimising effective landing pages, we can help you to not only identify the problems but begin to create solutions.

  • Review landing page, source of traffic, reason for visit and visitors satisfaction level
  • Review of high traffic pages with high bounce or exit rate
  • Understanding key pages
  • Pinpoint potential issues
  • Provide recommendations and solutions

The quality of a landing page is integral in its ability to convert visitors. In order for a page to achieve a high conversion rate you need to ensure that all of your landing pages are fully optimised besides number of factors, some more subtle than others.

URconnect India's Landing Page Analysis service will highlight potential issues with your landing page. These might include:

  • Poorly positioned call to action
  • Main message not immediately obvious
  • Too much content/ too little content
  • Complicated/Arduous forms
  • Unclear/poor navigation
  • Misplaced buttons
  • Dead/broken links/images
  • And more

The thorough analysis that we undertake will offer a number of suggestions for potential improvements. Based on these recommendations you can then choose which, if any, you would like to implement on your site.

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Do I Need Landing Page Analysis?

  • Does your website sticky enough to hold the visitor's attention
  • Does your website have traffic and you are planning to run campaigns
  • Are you suffering with a poor conversion rate
  • Do you want to improve your visitors experience
  • Do your landing pages have high exit/bounce rate
  • Do you have a new landing page design that you would like an expert opinion on before launching?

Besides the above mentioned points the results of Landing page Analysis will highlight things that you have never previously been aware of. It can get you to the crux of a problem that you may never have known even existed before. The more analysis you do for your landing pages, the better your understanding of your visitor’s behavioural patterns will become. While in the first instance you might find yourself shooting in the dark a little, unless problems are obvious of course. It will take a reasonable amount of experimentation to really get to the bottom of your site's problems.

Landing Page Analysis is recommended for every website whether they have a high traffic rate or low. Even if you are experiencing a decent ROI and a conversion rate through your landing pages there are, more often than not, improvements that can be made to help you achieve more.

Our Landing Page Analysis service will provide with detailed recommendations on things to change, which should help improve your overall site objective.

URconnect India understand visitor psychology and can help you to ensure that your site is optimised to their expectations. In turn this will provide you with long-term benefits, not least an improved conversion rate and ROI.

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How to Proceed

For more information about URconnect India's Landing Page Analysis service, please contact our helpful sales team.

They will be more than happy to explain exactly what we do and will discuss your requirements with you in more detail to see how we can help you.

Based on the amount of analysis required and any other services you might be interested in, we will also provide you with a no obligation quote for the whole project.

This is a bespoke quotation that will be tailored to your request; better still, we won't tie you in to a long term contract.

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