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understand your site's performance with Analytics

Website Analytics

Having a website (one among the ever-expanding billions) isn't enough to earn a business any attention, promote its brand or increase its profit margins.

Search engine optimization, the practice of making changes in different areas of a website so that search engines can help find and deliver targeted audiences to the site, is practically meaningless unless companies first consider several issues.

Your site's analytics is at the very heart of your search engine marketing. Without website Analytics you wouldn’t know how many people visited your site, what they searched for and how long they stayed. Without these key statistics, SEO and PPC would be pure guesswork.

Analytics will not only help you stay ahead of your competition but it will also, highlight any slight drop in visitor numbers, average time spent on the site or even sales, giving URconnect India the opportunity to immediately make changes to rectify any situation.

By understanding your visitor’s behavioural patterns, you can get a real sense of what your customers are looking for. URconnect India will help you to fully understand what any fluctuations mean and provide advice or implement changes to counteract any issues.

URconnect India will also provide you suggestions on where budgets can be adjusted. This will prevent overspend as well as helping you avoid missing out on conversions due to lack of funding.

URconnect India believes that analytics is a collaborative service that works in harmony with many others, most notably SEO and PPC. It’s an essential part of the search marketing process, to the extent where functioning without it is almost unthinkable.

Landing Page Analysis

If the landing page is informative and engages you, there's a fair chance you'll continue to use and explore the site further

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